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Fesitvals In Myanmar               

Thingyan (Water) Festival (April)

This is the most amusing festival in Myanmar, it is celebrated during the hot season in April to welcome the new year. During three days people celebrate it by throwing water to each other to clean away all the evil. There are a lot of parties with loud music and offer you traditional snacks. Water will be thrown to anybody in sight. Young people enjoy it with friends and family and old people retire to monasteries.

Elephant Dance Festival (October)

It is usually held in October as well as the light festival, in the busy town of Kyauk-se. People dressed in colorful clothes walk with the dancing elephants. More and more in different celebrations the dancing elephants appear.

Phaungdaw U Pagoda Festival (October-November)

This beautiful festival takes place in a very big natural lake located at 900 feet above sea level, Lake Inle. It is celebrated the seventh month of the Myanmar lunar calendar around October-November. The Buddha images are taken from the Phaungdaw U Pagoda and are placed in beautifully decorated barges and taken around the lake so everyone can render homage to them. There is also music and dancing and fantastic boat races.

Thadingyut Lighting Festival (October-November)

This is a three day festival that occurs before full moon, during full moon and the day after full moon during the seventh month of the lunar calendar. The anniversary of Buddha’s return from the celestial abode and people decorate the houses and streets with lights. Millions of colorful paper lanterns are hung in trees, pagodas and houses. Senior citizens also receive presents and respects from young people.

Hot Air Balloons Festival (November)

Balloon competitions are held during the day or the night. The day competitions the balloons have the shapes of pagodas or animals and the night ones have the shapes of paper balls with multicolored paper lanterns hanging from them.

Pyatho December - January

Most pagoda festivals are held during this month because it is cool and rain free. Lots of products from different locations are put for sale in stalls, hand woven cotton, baskets, boxes etc.

Tabodwe (February)

The harvest festival is held in February the eleventh month of the Myanmar lunar calendar, a concoction of sticky rice and different farm products like sesame seeds, peanuts etc. called Htamane is made. It is celebrated in private circles of friends and families and everyone must participate because there is lots of hard work. There are competitions of the best Htamane.

Tabung (Pagoda Festival)

Even if there are a lot of pagodas in Myanmar, people make pagodas out of sand to pray and celebrate all over the country.

Bo Tree Watering Festival

Celebrated in the middle of May during full moon of Kason by Buddhists, it is a very important festival. Processions of men and women go to their pagodas to pour water on the sacred Bo Tree to remember the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing of Buddha. The processions have traditional music bands.

Nayon Festival Of Tipitaka (June)

During this time, when the monsoon is at his peak, monks and nuns have their scriptural examinations. Donations are made for their comforts and amenities. Written examinations and recitations are made for these candidates that have dedicated their life to the study of Buddha’s teachings. This keeps Buddha’s words and teachings alive.

Waso (June-July)

It is the anniversary of Buddha’s first sermon which is the beginning of the Buddhist 3 month lent. No marriage can be held during these months and the monks have to stay overnight in their monasteries. People use this time for contemplation and meritorious deeds. It is a time for self discipline.


In this festival, in a large basket, people place the name of each monk that has previously been written and rolled in a piece of paper. A representative of each household f each community takes out a paper and a feast is given for that monk on the next day.

Tazaung Daing Festival

In this festival, Kahtein robes are offered to the monks. It is one of the most meritorious deeds. On the full moon of Tazaungmone, women will work on their looms ans weave all night to make the robes to the Buddha images and the monks. Small bands with traditional musical instruments encourage and entertain the women at their work. The best weaver and the best team of weaver have prizes.


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